Peter Storkerson: M.F.A. Ph.D.

02 August ’04

Resources in Communication design.

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Case Study

Library Wayfinding Project: Teaching Information Design Video pdf

Expert Forum
for Knowledge Presentation
Preparing for the Future of Knowledge Presentation Conference in Quicktime
An international, interdisciplinary conference on the future of information and knowledge communication


How to Use Knowledge from Other Fields in Design pdf

Information and Cognitive Process pdf
Revue Internationale des Sciences et Techniques de la Conception

Designing Theory in Communication. pdf: Visible Language.
How to make useful theory in design: argument and example.



Cross-mode Communication
in Multimedia.
Ph.D. dissertation: Communication theory & experimental studies of meaning making.

Context and Interpretation. pdf
Exhibition Catalogue: Kurt Weill.
Thesis & exhibition: Organization & contextualization in information.
Visible Language V.26#3|4

Jan Tschichold & the Language of Modernism. pdf
Style and communication in modernist design.
Visible Language

Narrative & Diagram. pdf
Narrative & diagrammatic taxonomy in exhibition.
I.I.T. 1996

Cross-mode Communication: Theory & Experiment. html
5th Asian Design Conference-International symposium on Design Science
Oct. 2001 Seoul, Korea

Database of citations for design.
For information,

Semiosis & Sensory Cognition in Multimedia Communication. pdf
Workshop on Semiotic Evolution & the Dynamics of Culture
Nov. 2001 Groningen, NL

Constructivist Theory of Design. pdf
(Early formulation) Building a theory of cognition in material culture based on psychology, symbolic interactionism, rhetorical theory.

Hypertext & the Art of Memory. html
co-author: Janine Wong
Visible Language

Diagrams as Ways of Thinking
co-author: Elka Kazmierczak
Visualization Conference,
Aug, 2001,The University at Buffalo

Information and Concept Formation. pdf:
IIID Expert Forum financial services: How to communicate effectively by understanding how people think.


Measuring Interpretation pdf
DRS Common Ground Conference, Sep. 2002

Design Education Curriculum pdf
IIID/Reading InfoEd 2002 Conference, Sep. 2002